VIP Guarantee

Veterinary Internet Pharmacies, Inc. is confident that your e-Pharmacy will be a valuable service for your practice. We guarantee that you will generate at least 100% return in sales on your investment within the first 12 months your e-Pharmacy is on-line. In other words if you spend $995 to get set up and $99/month to be maintained for one year, you will generate at least $4366 in sales from your e-Pharmacy. Some clients have accomplished this in just the first two months. This eliminates any financial concerns you might have in purchasing our service.

If you do not generate in sales at least 100% return on your investment within the first year, your service will continue at no charge from VIP until you have accomplished that goal.

In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must adhere to the following marketing recommendations:

  1. A link must be created from your existing website, directing your clients to your on-line pharmacy for product sales.
  2. A sign or similar notice must be present in your waiting room announcing the availability of your e-Pharmacy.
  3. A mention of your e-Pharmacy needs to be added to your Message-on- Hold telephone system if possible.
  4. Any clients requesting prescriptions for on-line purchases from outside retailers must be informed about your e-Pharmacy.
  5. When clients are calling in for medication refills, they should be informed about your e-Pharmacy alternative.
  6. Any requests via fax for prescriptions must be followed up with a call to your clients to let them know about your e-Pharmacy.
  7. You must sell at least 20 different product lines on your e-Pharmacy site (e.g. rimadyl, frontline, revolution, sentinel, etc.).

We can offer this guarantee because we are certain that not only will your sales grow; but your clients will praise you for your creativity and ingenuity in bringing this valuable service to your practice.

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