VIP e-Pharmacy

The VIP e-Pharmacy is an e-commerce solution customized specifically for the needs of a practicing veterinarian. Even if you have little or no internet knowledge, you can be selling online in just a few days. We provide you with all of the services, training and support needed. Your e-Pharmacy will be customized to your practice and all of the products you wish to sell will have high quality images and descriptions.

VIP e-Pharmacy gives you a number of advantages

Misconceptions about online pharmacies

Whether you realize it or not, your practice is being affected by online competition. Here are some common misconceptions many veterinarians have:
1. I am not impacted by on-line competition. Some veterinarians think the only sales they're losing are those for which their client calls requesting a prescription. Fact is, most of the product sold on-line, such as flea and tick products, do not require a prescription. Furthermore, while your client may be requesting a prescription for one product, they often purchase other non-prescription products at the same time, ones your practice may not even endorse. Example: Your client requests a prescription for Heartgard. Then they go on-line and buy Heartgard, Frontline, Shampoo, and a brush. You think you lost just the Heartgard sale. You're wrong. 2. People shop on-line for price only and I refuse to compete on price. Surveys show that convenience is as important as price when shopping on-line. Most of the traffic on our servers is during non-business hours. 3. I cannot complete with the likes of Online Retailers. You already have a relationship with the client, they don't. By offering your clients the convenience they are looking for, there is no reason for them to shop elsewhere. 4. Internal costs, such as inventory and packing, are too high. You already have inventory, so there is no new cost there. Envelopes to safely ship most products are available at your local office store for about 25 cents each (in bulk). Packing slips can be printed directly from our e-Pharmacy and you can task someone with stuffing and addressing the package. Give the envelope to the postal worker when they drop-off your mail and there is no need to even go to the post office. 5. Shipping is too expensive. Using U.S.P.S. 1st. class mail your client gets the product within 1-2 days. Most products can be shipped for under $1. Charge $3.99 s&h for orders less than $39 (the industry standard) and you can actually make a profit on the shipping.

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