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Veterinary Internet Pharmacies, Inc. (VIP) is proud to introduce our newest offering, the creation, hosting, and maintenance of customized Practice Intranets. Let's face it, the whole world has gone electronic and that includes efficient and effective practice management. Not only will an Intranet reduce administrative time and expenses by thousands of dollars each year, but it will bring your entire staff closer together and unify your "practice's culture". Gone are the days of crowded, out-dated bulletin boards filled with scraps of papers that often get lost or misplaced. Gone are the days where a staff member can say "I didn't know" or "I didn't find out until I got into work", etc. Now your staff can access important practice information 24/7 from anywhere in the world via an exclusive, secure, Intranet site. Staff Directories, Practice Events, Payroll Information, Employee Handbooks, Suggestion Boxes, Staff Polls, Health Insurance Information, Continuing Education Schedules, Personal Celebrations (like birthdays, engagements, etc.); you name it. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Having an Intranet in our own animal hospital for the past several years makes me wonder how we ever functioned effectively without it. We thought we had it together! What a joke! Once you have an Intranet for your practice, we guarantee you will never turn back. Do yourself and your staff a favor and dramatically enhance communications in your practice and eliminate an absurd burden on yourself and your practice managers. Sign up for a VIP Intranet today!

Pricing is as follows:

One-time Set-up Fee$500*
Monthly Fee$79
Total Start-up (Set-up plus 1st month)$500* + $79 = $579

Monthly charges will be automatically billed against a credit card.
*This is the fee for practices up to 50 employees. For those with greater than 50 employees, there will be an extra $100 set-up fee for each additional 10 employees (ie. 50-60 employees = $600, 60-70 employees = $700, etc.).

If you have any questions, Please Contact Us.
Otherwise Sign Up right now.

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