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By early 2003, Alan M. Coren, DVM, founder of the West Hills Animal Hospital in Huntington, NY, had had enough of on-line competitors. In addition to losing sales, some internet pharmacies were casting a negative light on veterinarians in general through misleading advertising. On-line resellers were resorting to threatening letters demanding prompt responses to prescription requests or legal action if the veterinarian did not comply.

It was at that time that Dr. Coren decided to open his own on-line pharmacy. The plan was simple; sell the products most commonly purchased on-line at a price that was competitive with other on-line pharmacies. Dr. Coren opened his e-pharmacy in October of 2003. It was an immediate success. Within a few months the new site was generating $1000's of dollars in sales...sales previously lost to on-line competitors. Today West Hills Animal Hospital’s e-Pharmacy accounts for a significant percentage of its pharmaceutical sales.

At the request of many colleagues at veterinary conferences, Dr. Coren decided to start Veterinary Internet Pharmacies, Inc., a company designed to build a fully integrative e-Pharmacy solution for practicing veterinarians.

Our company was officially launched at the ACVIM Conference in June 2004 where it was warmly received by the veterinary profession. VIP remains the only e-Pharmacy provider owned and operated by a practicing veterinarian. The result is a system focused on the needs of the busy practitioner and not the agenda of a 3rd party interested in marketing to a hospital’s clientele while taking a percentage of the pharmaceutical profits.

At the beginning of 2011, Veterinary Internet Pharmacies, Inc. expanded its offering to include customized Intranets for veterinary hospitals. Dr. Coren had an intranet set up for West Hills Animal Hospital for approximately three years. Seeing how much the Intranet helped boost morale and improve communication in his practice, it was decided that VIP should offer veterinarians the same opportunity without the hassle of developing and maintaining the site. The same professional service provided for our e-Pharmacies would be applied to this invaluable practice management addition.

Veterinary Internet Pharmacies continues to enhance their offering based on the comments and suggestions of veterinarians.

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